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Cycling trails


  • Cycling at Boyntons Feathertop Winery, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Approach Victoria's diverse regions from a fresh perspective as you cycle along on purpose-built bike trails. Cruise regional bike tracks and trails and you'll see so much more than you would from the highway. Fill your basket with gourmet treats from small producers and catch your breath as you spread out your picnic on riverbank or seashore.

Melbourne's a bike-friendly city, boasting bike lanes and paths plus a number of trails around the city centre. Travel along the river past bush reserves and billabongs, via major landmarks and you're never far from a pit-stop for refreshments.

Breathe in the fresh country air, cruise through changing landscapes and learn about local history on a journey down one of Victoria's many rail trails. What was once a network of lightly constructed railways used for logging is now a web of scenic rail trails criss-crossing the state. Explore the region at your own pace – on foot, on horseback or on two wheels.

Check the rail trails website for specific terrain information.