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Food & wine

Wander Victoria

  • Killara Estate Winery, Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges, Victoria, Australia

Hungry? Not for long. If there's a food fad that's about to take off, you'll sniff out the source as you wander around Victoria's regions.

There's a reason some of Australia's best restaurants are found around Victoria, and it's not just because Victorians have impeccable taste. Fertile land, bountiful waters and unmatched creativity are the unbeatable recipe for success.

Sometimes there's an itch for fish and chips on the beach (the sand adds an extra crunchy element) or a picnic cobbled together from farm gate treasures. Other times it's pulling out all the stops for the degustation that stops the nation at Brae or taking a tipple at gob-smackingly perfect wineries in the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula. You won't suffer from menu envy when you really can have it all. We’re a compact place to be, so travelling across the state between breakfast and dinner is not only accepted, it's actively encouraged.

Whisky distilled in abandoned railway sheds, gin so strong it'll knock off ya socks, fresh veggies and eggs to make city folk weep, the creamiest cheese known to humankind, meat so tender it comes when it's called, seafood that just about jumps into boats, and a riverside BBQ battle so fierce it's guaranteed to bring on the meat sweats. Victoria's cup truly does runneth over.

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