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Echuca Moama

The Murray

  • Port of Echuca, The Murray, Victoria, Australia

Welcome to paddleboat heartland. Hop aboard a steamer or holiday on a houseboat, surrendering to the river's charms in the vibrant, heritage town of Echuca Moama.

Warm climate and water-based activities, including waterskiing, swimming and boating, make Echuca Moama the perfect spot for family fun.

Head down to the restored old port area for a lesson in local history. Take a seat on an authentic paddle steamer and imagine the bustling riverine trade routes of old.

Enjoy a self-guided tour of the Echuca Wharf, where many original buildings remain intact, creating a delightful streetscape.

Take advantage of some of the best dining experiences the Murray has to offer. Savour fine contemporary cuisine, fill up on pub grub, and keep the good times going at traditional bakeries and chic wine bars.