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Books & magazines


  • Metropolis Bookstore, Curtin House, Swanston Street, Melbourne, Australia. Photo: Ben King.

Like the best books, a city that considers itself to be even a little literary needs to have something for everyone. As a UNESCO City of Literature and a bonafide book nerd, Melbourne hits the spot with more bookshops per head than anywhere else in Australia. 

Browse through the stalwart independent bookstores in the heart of Melbourne. Author appearances and book festivals and a commitment to local writers make them worth the ink. Avid readers with particular hobbies and areas of interest are in luck in Melbourne, with a host of specialist bookstores outweighed only by iconic and memorable places in which to read them. 

If flicking through Melbourne's bookshops still isn't literary enough for you, get along to the regular readings and discussions at the Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing and Ideas and immerse yourself in living history at the imposing State Library.