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Up late


  • Up late trail, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Choose between Thai snacks (Choo Choo's, till 3am weekdays, 5am weekends) or Cantonese classics (Supper Inn, till 2am). Shujinko (24hr ramen) and Heartbreaker (booze, booths and jukebox till 3am Mon-Sat) are almost opposite each other. Then it's a short stumble to Magic Mountain Saloon for late snacks (till 3am) or early breakfast (from 7am, 8am weekends). 2km

  1. Choo Choo's
    Located on Curtin House's second floor, Choo Choo's delivers Thai food to railway carriage booths. 
  2. Supper Inn
    In Chinatown, this no-fuss chow-house serves classic Cantonese food and is a perennial late night favourite with Melbourne chefs.
  3. Shujinko
    All-night ramen. And it's good. 
  4. Heartbreaker
    A carefully crafted dive bar with pool table, rocking jukebox and a general notion that what happens at Heartbreaker stays at Heartbreaker.
  5. Magic Mountain Saloon
    A Thai-Australian mash-up that understands you might need sticky pork and shrimp rice at 8am, possibly with a Bloody Mary. There's a party vibe late at night as dinner gives way to DJs.