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High Country

  • Lake Eildon, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Cast a line, hitch a ride on the back of a boat, or float along in the comforts of a houseboat around Eildon, where water means life.

Use the welcoming village of Eildon as a base for exploring the 500 kilometres of shoreline, sheltered bays and safe swimming areas.

Try your hand waterskiing, kayaking and wakeboarding out on the lake, or enjoy more leisurely pastimes like fishing, swimming and house-boating. Bushwalk and set up camp in Lake Eildon National Park, and take in stunning panoramas of the water.

The nearby forests and mountains are perfect for four-wheel-driving and mountain biking, while the rushing rivers offer the thrills of canoeing, white water rafting, and some of the state's best trout fishing.