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High Country

  • Chiltern Streetscape, High Country, Victoria, Australia

Wander through the village's nineteenth century streetscape and imagine you're on the set of an Australian period film.

Chiltern houses over 20 National Trust buildings, a legacy of the gold rush era. Take a self-guided walk past the old post office, courthouse and masonic hall, as well as the original police cells. Visit the Federal Standard newspaper office, Dow's Pharmacy and wander through Lakeview House, the former home of Henry Handel Richardson, author of the Australian classic, The Getting of Wisdom.

Uncover goldfield relics, Indigenous rock paintings and native bird life on forest trails through the Chiltern Mount Pilot National Park, and enjoy panoramic views from the Mount Pilot Lookout. Spend a little while longer and you're bound to see kangaroos, echidnas and wallabies in their own habitat.