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Canoeing & kayaking


  • Canoeing at Lake Bellfield, The Grampians, Victoria, Australia

Hit the water and paddle, row or cruise through the spectacular landscapes of the Grampians. Explore the many streams, lakes and creeks peppered throughout the region and discover why it's the ideal setting for a canoeing or kayaking adventure.

Bring your own gear or hire canoes and kayaks from local operators and set out on the waters of lakes Bellfield, Wartook, Fyans and Hamilton. Paddle out and take in the scenery in a whole new way. Cast a line in the clear waters, explore the winding waterways or just relax to the sound of native birdsong. Press on and see the secluded shoreline vegetation up close, uncover the fascinating local geology, and watch the abundant bird life as you make your way around these vast lakes.