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Rock climbing & abseiling


  • Rock Climbing, The Grampians, Victoria, Australia

Test your skills and stamina on the granite cliffs, rocky outcrops and bluffs of the spectacular Grampians region. Choose from beginner's routes right through to extreme climbs up sheer rock faces, which require years of experience. With thousands of designated climbs across Mt Arapiles and the Grampians National Park, along with a growing international reputation as a rock climbing hotspot, this is the place to work on your technique, share experiences with other climbers, and get yourself to the next level.

Mt Arapiles
A stunning peak just west of Horsham, Mt Arapiles boasts some of the most dramatic and demanding rock formations in Australia. Thanks to a combination of reliable weather and a wide array of cliffs, pinnacles and bluffs, Mt Arapiles has become the most popular climbing and abseiling destination in Australia. The mountain boasts more than 2,000 designated climbs, ranging from easy ascents for first-timers to level 30 climbs.

Grampians National Park
The Grampians National Park is home to hundreds of exciting climbs, especially on the rugged cliff faces of Mounts Stapylton and Rosea. Local adventure companies offer a variety of climbing and abseiling courses, including introductory lessons for the novice and programs covering advanced skills for the experienced.

Don't stop on account of the weather. Local caves and shelters provide great opportunities for climbing on rainy days. Popular spots include the Gallery, Millennium Caves and Muline Cave in the Victoria Range.