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Wartook Valley


  • Mt Zero Olives, The Grampians, Victoria, Australia

Make a dramatic entrance to the Grampians National Park via the natural amphitheatre of Wartook Valley with its rugged mountain views, spectacular sunsets and mobs of kangaroos.

Bushwalk, rock climb, fish, watch birds and wildlife, admire native wildflowers and soak up stunning sunsets. Soak up the tranquillity and set up camp or stay in rammed earth or log cabins.

Make your way to Mount Zero, Hollow Mountain and Mount Staplyton, just minutes away. Take advantage of your proximity to spectacular Grampians waterfalls, including the majestic MacKenzie Falls.

The area surrounded by the Wartook Valley is steeped in Aboriginal and pioneer history. Scour the surrounding mountains for Aboriginal rock art sites, most of which are open and accessible to the public.