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  • Gippsland Plains Rail Trail, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Discover sights unseen from the highways, and fill your basket with gourmet treats from small producers all across Gippsland. Sit a while on riverbanks and seashores, and experience the beauty of the peaceful surrounds.

Rail trails
Cycle your way across Gippsland on the rail trails – a network of disused railways transformed into gently graded paths through bushland and rainforest, past valleys and vineyards, and along the stunning beauty of the coastline. Pedal from town to town, sampling the flavours of the region as you go.

New challenges
Challenge yourself at one of the mountain bike parks or hit the roads for a long and scenic ride through some of the best scenery Victoria has to offer.

Enjoy this snapshot of Gippsland rides and you'll be inspired to keep coming back as you make new discoveries around every corner.