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Offspring locations


  • Union Club Hotel, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Make like an awkward obstetrician and let your dramas play out in Fitzroy, Offspring-style. Just wandering around Brunswick and Gertrude streets should bring back pivotal plot turns and squeamish scenes that have you feeling like you're on set. Follow these tips for the full Proudman Fitzroy experience.

Brunswick Street
Start in Brunswick Street, with a big reveal on the ceramic-tiled bench on the corner of Victoria Street before re-creating your favourite anguished conversation or sibling cattiness at cafe-bar Black Cat, a Fitzroy institution.

Johnston and Gertrude streets
Detour to Johnston Street for a strictly girls night out at the LuWow (and hope you don't run into your mum). Flee to Gertrude Street to set up shop at Sonido, temporarily Jimmy's tacqueria, have a family meeting at Belle's Hot Chicken or confess past work crimes at The Everleigh. Head to Radio for recovery drinks or to de Clieu for something more salubrious.

Gore and Smith streets 
From Gertrude Street, make your way down Gore Street to the corner of Webb Street, where you'll find the Union Club Hotel. This pub is as much a star of the show as its Logie-magnet cast. You're unlikely to see Jimmy working the bar or Mick working the keys, but grab a beer and let your imagination run wild as you look out at the Darcy Proudman real estate office diagonally opposite. Kick on at The 86 on Smith Street and sort out the morning after's hangover at Tomboy.

Fringe locations
On the edges of Fitzroy, pack consolation chocolate crackles for a break-up picnic in the Fitzroy Gardens or catch a band at the Northcote Social Club (but keep an eye on any heavily pregnant friends).

Die-hard fans with a yearning for familiar facades, drive down Grey Street, East Melbourne, past the Mercy Private Hospital to imagine balcony de-briefs, and along the northern end of Brunswick Street to see the exterior of Dr Noonan's surgery. Wander along Delbridge Street, North Fitzroy, and Emma Street, Collingwood, to sneak a peak at the Proudman abodes.

Cafes, bars, pubs and parks featured in the series.

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